Any workarounds for not being able to retrigger MIDI LFOs?

I’ve found out that it’s not possible to retrigger an LFO without adding a new note/sample trig (as trigless trigs don’t work for this).

Is there any workaround I could use to e.g. trigger a descending pitchbend on an existing/sustained note later in the bar without sounding another note? The only thing I can think of is to use another track assigned to the same channel just for applying the CC change but I’m using all my MIDI tracks atm.

EDIT: just realised that I don’t think a new track will let me do this either without triggering a note, is there any other way to do this as things like parameters slides aren’t available for MIDI.

Trigless trigs should work for this use


Thanks. I must be missing something obvious (wouldn’t be the first time this week!) I’ll check when I’m back at the OT and report back.

Amp Setup settings. :wink:


Sometimes I think I have the light green trig but it’s actually the dark green trig, make sure it’s light green to trig lfo/env

Trigless trigs behavior depends on AMP SETUP settings.


Can be done with slides too.

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Thanks! Yes that was it. Everything set to R+T now and working fine :slight_smile: