Any workarounds to send CC or note control messages to OT in MIDI mode?

I use my OT mostly in MIDI mode these days but it seems like most (if not all?) of the CC and note control options only work when it’s in Sample mode.

I’m a huge fan of these commands as they do make the OT a lot more usable when they’re assigned to an external controller. I understand why the note commands don’t send in MIDI mode but I was disappointed to find that I can’t even send Program Change messages unless it’s in sample mode.

Is there any workaround to getting external control over the OT in MIDI mode? Especially for the PC messages? Now if even switching modes was possible over MIDI then this wouldn’t be as much of a pain!

MIDI > CONTROL options concern audio tracks only.
I don’t get what you’d like to do with midi tracks in that concern, please elaborate.

You can send program changes in any mode, from MIDI SYNC page or midi tracks. If you think there is an issue with that, please list necessary steps to reproduce it.

I’d like to be able to control OT’s transport (play/stop) when it’s in MIDI mode.

I also wanted to control e.g. the LFO parameters but I’ve read in the manual that that’s only possible when DIRECT CONNECT is off, unfortunately that won’t work for me as I need to be able to send a lot of unassigned CCs.

Thanks for letting me know that the PC messages work in both modes though as I think I’ve found/fixed the problem:

It was set to receive PC messages on the auto channel which worked fine in sample mode but stopped working when I switched to MIDI mode. I changed the PC receive channel in MIDI sync settings from auto to 9 (same channel as auto) and they now work fine in both modes.

EDIT - changing track was another thing I’d like ideally to do in MIDI mode

Don’t use that AUTO setting.
It isn’t AUTO CHANNEL but the lowest audio track channel, not shared with a midi track ! In two words : forget it.

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I think these 2 things should work in midi mode if MIDI CONTROL NOTE IN is set to STANDARD.
Use one of audio tracks channels for that (1-8 by default, don’t use the same channels on midi tracks). Don’t use AUTO CHANNEL.

Yes, you can control active midi track parameters with CC DIRECT CONNECT off, with AUTO CHANNEL.

unfortunately that won’t work for me as I need to be able to send a lot of unassigned CCs.

From external midi I suppose.

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Using an audio channel works great, thanks! Very happy that I don’t need to keep switching the mode to start the OT now :slight_smile:

Works fine with start/stop/track change. I tried it with Mute but of course that’s now just muting the audio control channel. I can do pretty much everything I need to!

Yes, I’ve got a lot of CCs from external controllers going through to connected devices.

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