Anybody considering moving to Ableton and dumping the Digitakt?

As much as I love my Digitakt for quick inspiration, having to integrate it with Ableton Live (i.e. optimizing audio latency, timing issues, etc) is starting to get old real quick. I do mostly Coldwave and Deathrock/Goth rock so my drums are minimal and simple. Anybody else thinking about ditching your DT and going ITB for your drums?

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If all you’re using Digitakt for is for recording minimal studio drums seems like a waste. Just use your PC. DAWs are much better at that kind of thing.


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I agree. I bought it strictly for the tactile aspect, and I was making much more complicated drum beats when I first got it. But a year on, I find myself turning to minimalist drum beats more and more.

Perhaps I can suggest my method when I had one. For studio recording at least. But I use the same method for all my gear.

Make your loop and just record the main outs straight to audio interface. I almost never do big multi tracks with OB cause of drop outs.

Then I’ll record once through with just the static loop. Then I’ll do some subtle tweaking for a few bars. Then finish off with some more dramatic fills and fucking with everything. Get a big wave file and just slice it up in my daw to taste.

It’s really easy to mangle with DT even with vanilla pattern setup with control all

If that fails you could still use DAW for simple drums and use the DT to make some really subtle underlying rhythmic textures


not me…
go for it?

I’ve been thinking about it actually. Though with any change of workflow there will be elements of compromise. Box up your digitakt and work exclusively with Ableton to see if those are compromises you can work with

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Excellent advice, thanks for taking the time to write that.

I think I’ll go that route. I can’t work in Ableton as quick as I can with the Digitakt so it has that advantage.

One thing I really don’t like about DT is you can’t add swing to individual tracks. I could probably do that in Ableton after the fact.



The reason the DT is so great is the perfect integration with Ableton IMO. One USB cable and you’re set. My template is instant. Never experienced lag in the 2,5 years of use…


If you’re going to use a DAW, give the Bitwig demo a try.

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Cant speak for DT but all my other Elektron boxes are super tight in regards to latency when using overbridge. sounds like you made up your mind though. but OB works great, no lag on the midi or audio side of things

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I actually got it sorted out with the Ableton/OB integration. It’s now within 1 millisecond of the grid if you can believe that. I was moving from being completely DAWless to using OB in Ableton to multitrack DT songs.

I’m aslo Reamping all my Digitakt tracks to OTO Machine boxes via the External Instrument plugin instead of using DAW plugins. a bit of a chore, but the results have a lot of depth.

anything in particular that you attribute to this success :)?

No other plugins or tracks going on other than OB. buffer size of 128 or less.


Exactly… its usually other plugins with latency that muck things up.

I always clean up my sets (flattened tracks) before working with external gear. It can seem like a chore, but beats the headache.