Anybody into Soukous?

AKA Seben, Congo Rhumba (AFAIK Soukous being the most recent iteration the 4/4 beat). Hypnotic, joyous guitar melodies (Diblo Dibala!!!), total dance rhythms, harmonious vocals, amazing dance moves with smiles. What’s there not to like? (ok some cheesy rompler keys in some tunes). Got any tips? These are old but recent discoveries for me: Ca Bouge!

What a track, and the video just wipes the floor of over-produced, over-rehearsed western commercial dance videos. I’ve fallen for the girl in orange shorts.

Then there’s Dr Sakis and band … whatever you think, he rocked (or Soukoused) the crowd.


Thanks for posting this! Reminds me of all the highlife guitar stuff I love! I also like cheesy romplers so that is just a bonus!


yesssss finally

that guitar solos and and bass lines is just divinal

diblo dibala is the goat of soukouss guitar solo

soukouss is life

check too the soukouss sun, dombolo

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I love it. Maybe it sounds kinda simple to the listener because it’s so melodic, but technically there’s so much to it. Glad I’m not the only one on this forum who’s intoit. Please post some HiLife, new or old.

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some more for the playlist


Kin’ ace

Going back to the '80’s: Tabu Ley Rochereau, M’bilia Bel, Kanda Bongo Man


Oh heck yeah
Some ogs

Not soukous and on the other side of africa in sierra leone, but ill mention this cause you said hypnotic

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