Anybody using DT+MicroFreak?

As the title says :slight_smile:
To be more precise, I am interested in knowing if MicroFreak responds well to program/bank change?
I know for a fact some hardware responds better (ie BassStation 2 for instance) than other.
Many thanks for any info,

I had mine hooked up a few days ago testing this and it appeared to work fine.

Edit: I just pulled it back out and there does seem to be some wonkyness. So if you set up a track using preset X and then put a random note with preset Y it seems to work fine switching as it loops.

However, if you set up a track with preset X and play it’s fine, but if you manually change a preset on the MF, it will never go back even though you have the Program set per trigger.

Changing Patterns it works fine. Ie. Program 1 on Pattern 1, Program 2 on Pattern 6, etc. The wonkyness seems to be if you touch the MF Preset knob it may not go back to the Program that you assigned on the DT.

Basically, don’t touch the preset encoder on the MF and it seems to work as expected. Just use the Digitakt Program encoder for that.


Thanks for that :slight_smile:
Appreciate the feedback.
Do you still use the MF?

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Yes, I love it! It can do SO MUCH.


Great :slight_smile:
Just bought one today, awaiting for it to be delivered :slight_smile:
Thanks again for the feedback, much appreciated.

Any advice on setting up either DT+MF or even KS+MF MIDIwise on the MF (local on/off, merge, thru etc…)? USB or MIDI it does not matter the setup I cannot send/input notes (DT sequencer) to be played on MF…
Seems very unreliable with MIDI although clock works perfectly, whether USB or MIDI.
Furthermore, from Maschine, MIDI input has to be set to “default” so the MF keyboard can play whatever VSTs. Funnily enough, it is impossible to play the MF from DT, KS or Maschine.
Am I missing something?

A Great Combi MF+Microbrute+DT

…well…micro freak is good shot from aturia…

BUT…to make it shine for real sonicwise, a heat is almost a must…

the freak does great in first place, but after a while u’ll gonna miss some grittyness and deep flesh to it’s great sound options and synth model engines…u can’t expect this for that price, i know…and it’s good the way it is…but to make it sound eye to eye / ear to ear with the tone for example, it needs some heating up…for real.

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Did you find how to do it?

In the end yes :slight_smile:
I have a setup where I use with daw and dawless.
So I have things through USB and MIDI at the same time.
As I don’t want to plug/unplug things, well I had to find a way :slight_smile:
Thanks for asking anyway :slight_smile:

Trying to set up MF with DT DAWless and having no luck…

Any tips on configuration?

DT is:

MIDI out - to MF MIDI in
Clock send = Checked
Port Config = MIDI
Channels = factory settings

On the MF I’ve got:
MIDI - input - 1
MIDI - output - 1
Output destination = MIDI

Any tips would be much appreciated!

If you select MIDI A Track on the Digitakt, did you enable CHAN (1) in the SRC Page?

You’re trying to sequence mf from the DT, or just sync them?


tchu - yes have channel 1 selected in MIDI A

Anokah - I think I’m trying to do both. New to DT’s sequencing possibilities but hoping to set up a pattern on DT and play along with MF and/or sequence a track on DT.