Anybody using Maschine to control Ableton that can help with something small?

Hey! I’m trying to control Ableton with my Maschine MK2 but I can’t seem to switch from between tracks to edit parameters?

The TRCK>><< TRCK buttons don’t work it highlights the other parts but I can’t make any changes to the instrument.

Anybody on this forum have any experience with that?


Bump. This is driving me crazy!

Can this not be done?

Which version are you on?

I’m only in the process of setting things up at my end so can’t help unfortunately. But like @v00d00ppl asks, are you on the latest versions of everything?

I do remember in the past (pre Maschine 2.0) that breaks in the template used to happen every now and again as new versions rolled out. Might be an idea to turn off automatic updates in Ableton if/when you do get things up and running!

I’m on the latest version of everything. I just ran through all my firmwares today updating my Maschine Drivers 2.8 if memory serves, Maschine software, and Ableton 9.7.2


So you just want to jump between tracks using the forward and reverse transport buttons right? I’ll test this out when I get home.

For some reason I thought you had a Push. Must be thinking of someone else.

I used to use Maschine to control Ableton and found it a PITA. Sorry, that’s not amazingly helpful.

I DID have one, but it was so big and I didn’t care for playing on it not sequencing. Now that I’ve got the Pyramid the game is completely changed, and plugging notes on that is the same for all my gear ITB or OTB, so I’m trying to give Ableton another go.

I wish they could just make a Push Lite that’s like half the size vertically if even that. Or even just the controls, no pads. Playing on the Push 2 was just a bummer for me

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Yeah, that’s all I need to do is just be able to edit the parameters of the synths and samples. He music and scenes are being played with my MicroKeys and Pyramid, so I don’t need clip/scene launching just yet, maybe if I start recording non-electronic instruments(but even then I might just turn it from a clip to a sample and play it via midi or Maschine software)

There’s a whole lot of excess in he controllers I’m seeing for it, and even then they don’t specify the ease of controlling parameters.

I’m really thinking about experimenting with the Novation Zero SL hoping that will work with both Ableton and Komplete.

Thanks for the help!

Although it’s missing the screen, a launchpad pro would almost fit that bill.

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I might have to buy one of those new to see how it is with what I need it to do. Return it if not

Maschine is kinda a mess, even IF it worked properly. Right now I’m faced with the pain of, first, getting it to work and THEN getting used to the synth controls.

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Launchpad pro looks like the opposite of what I need from an ableton controller.

I need all knobs and switched, I figure?

Is this for editing synth parameters?

Hmmm… what about the Launch Control - standard or XL?

Before I head home an start testing out maschine. What’s your main goal with live and maschine? What synth do you want to control with it?

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Just their internal synths/engines/devices is all that’s necessary. My only VSTs are in Komplete and I can adjust the parameters with Maschine for the most part.

Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it!

Edit: going through forums, I think the term is “blue hand”

After doing a heck of a lot of searching, I found a potential issue with the script.

Someone had this issue with a different controller and said they just added this code to the script:

self._device_selection_follows_track_selection = True

Now, I’m trying to open the files so that I can add it, but it’s not appearing as syntax but computer gibberish…

Did you try to set the maschine as Remote On in preferences then midi learn? Life caught up with me until Saturday. If you can hold on then I can help you plus I can build my own Maschine Studio Templates while I’m at it.

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