Anyone doing DAWless songs with Cycles?

I made a little semi-permanent setup on my desk consisting of a rompler keyboard, Cycles, and a digital multitrack (DP008ex).

The idea is to layer stuff and then bring stems into a DAW.

Anyone have success with something like this? Any pitfalls to look out for? Tips?

I keep thinking I’ve made my “permanent” setup, and then two weeks later it’s all different… Been pretty productive with the current though: M:Samples, M:Cycles, Korg Electribe, Arturia Keystep into the Zoom R16 (standalone). It works both in studio and live. Used to record into FL Studio, but I find it better to ditch the computer all together, until editing/mixing/mastering later on. The R16 is really good with up to 4 stereo synths/boxes, or even more mono gear/microphones/etc…

There’s no use thinking in terms of a permanent setup, or what I used to think of as what would be my ultimate setup. My thinking now is to be in the moment, which for me happens to be just trying to get really fluent at my Cycles (and to a lesser extent my Machinedrum but I think I might avoid it for now). I have never worked in an audio-recording-only environment, I feel like I’m spoiled by software plugins and the idea that you can change anything surgically!