Anyone have any experience with elektron repair service?

I just purchased a used monomachine on reverb. It’s in great condition and working just fine. The only thing that’s a slight issue is I can feel which knows the previous owner has used the most (some are much “looser” than others is the best way to describe it). Whilst it’s perfectly fine for right now, I’m worried that my use of the machine over a long period of time will start to wear even more on the machine.

Has anyone sent discontinued/vintage boxes back in for repairs? If so what was your experience like? How long did the process take? And who did you reach out to initially?


In all circumstances, first create a support ticket on Elektron’s website.

There are already many posts in many areas of the forum describing this; just use search, for example:

Thank you!!

I had to send in my second MnM after the spring on the scale setup button broke. I started a ticket, the sent me an RMA. I sent it to them, I think turnaround was about 6 weeks on the nose. Repair fees were definitely reasonable. $50 per hour. They checked out the whole unit and said it would be better to replace my screen alone with 6 other buttons. It was $35 for the screen and $6 per button, with 2 hours of work. So with shipping it was $180, so $200 all in including my shipping to get a total synth spa service. I would do it again as they were very responsive and feel confident that mine will be good to go for years. $50 per hour for a quality tech is very reasonable IMHO.