Anyone have Digitakt 1.30 Not B firmware

Hello Everyone! I just bought a Digitakt and I updated the firmware to 1.30B, now Overbridge doesn’t work on Windows 11 Pro. Does anyone have the 1.30 version? Or know what I can download it.

Any help is much appreciated!

the wayback machine has the page - Support | Elektron

And this appears to be the link (back on the live -

@bibenu Thank you! Forgot about the Wayback machine. Riley

Did you update to the latest Overbridge? Seems strange that it does not work anymore… :flushed:

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@bibenu Yes, I did. The old firmware loaded fine but overbridge still does not work. Midi mode works good so I’m able to use Transfer and load samples. Overbridged worked before the update, I’m not sure what could be wrong now. Thanks again for the help! Riley