Anyone have experience with Octatrack sequencing Virus Snow in Multi Mode?

I’m trying to use the Octatrack to drive a Virus Snow and a Meeblip Triode. The triode seems okay, but the Snow in multi mode is a bit strange. I’ve got a iConnect MIDI 4+ in there for filtering… maybe that’s the problem? (I’m really growing to dislike that device)

Anyway, I’m just wondering if anyone has any experience with this kind Snow Multi-Mode setup. I’ve got a few things I’m going to try, but if it’s too complex I’m just going to bail out.

I have the iconnect and love it but struggled at first because I wanted to get all fancy with it. After using it in basic setup for a time I set up more complicated configs. If you haven’t already, make sure din is patched to din in the software so that the midi out becomes a midi thru.

Have you tested without the iconnect in line?

I don’t have my snow anymore but seem to recall two multi modes. One was simpler but I think hard coded to channels 1-4. The other let you set custom midi channels. Have you played with that?

Yeah, my next step is to try with a regular thru box.

I’m new to the Snow as well, but I think you want to set it in Seq mode, if you want 4 independent parts. Multi mode I think is for layering sounds. Only thing is Parts 1-4 are fixed at MIDI channels 1-4, and can’t be changed. Hope that helps.
From the manual:
Sequencer mode Whereas Multi mode offers maximum flexibility for layering sounds, defining keyboard splits etc., Sequencer Mode is usually the better choice for multitrack MIDI sequencing purposes.”

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I use my OT with a Snow, works fine.
I have the Snow in multi mode, where you can set the desired MIDI channel for each of the four parts (I use 13 to 16).
The nice thing is that you can set things up such that incrementing patterns on the OT will step to the next multi on the Snow (sort of like having different parts for both audio and MIDI tracks).
I also name my multis after the corresponding pattern on the OT (e.g. “Octa A12”) so I can always go back to a project.

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Okay, got it to work. Turned out it was an issue with the way that I set up the iConnect 4+ - I disabled all the filtering (it’s basically a through box now).

Interesting - if I connect the Meeblip Triode to the OT directly, the Triode freaks out. However, if I add the iConnect 4 as a through box filtering ‘active sensing’ events, everything works fine.


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