Anyone here give Digitakt lessons?

Anyone on here give Digitakt lessons via Skype? Just an old hippie here who wants to get off the DAW and make some dark tripoy techno with this little box and it’s not entirely intuitive to me. Sort of think a couple of lessons could answer some questions and ideally looking for a work flow.



Have you watched this

and this (thats a playlist of multiple videos)

already? If not, I suggest you start there as these vids help a lot getting started.

I do in Seattle, WA at Patchwerks.

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I started giving lessons two months ago. Have one hour slot left at the moment. Over discord (Skype alternative) is not a problem :+1:t2:


I have! I have question tho. Thanks!

I’m in LA looking for Skype.

I’m also available if you’d like.


Personally, I think the Digitakt/Elektron workflow is such a different working method to others that it takes a while to unlearn old established work patterns. Expecting to learn it through a couple of lessons isn’t necessarily going to give you stellar immediate results. It’s taken about six months of intermittent practice to get to a point where I feel comfortable with the device.

Developing an instinctive, haptic muscle memory is crucial and that is the point when it starts to get interesting…



Totally get it, I just have a few generally questions and want to get a sense of how and what this thing can do. I freelance so I can send all day on this thing when I’m not working, so I want to accelerate the process a bit and learn efficient habits at the beginning. I have SO many bad Logic habits.

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+1 for @mzero he’ll not only get you jiving with the Digitakt, but also get you jiving with his elk-herd project he built and you’ll be soaring.

I haven’t trained from him, but you’ll be hittin the ground running with him and he seems like a friendly enough guy.


DaveMerch also seems like a cool friendly guy, though