Anyone in the Portsmouth/Southampton area?

Anyone in the Portsmouth or Southampton area that want to get together and do some music? Preferably dark techno

I*m Mel.
I am relatively nearby, but still a trek away. I am in north dorset. Also I am probably not up for meeting up for making music as it it is quite a private hobby for me. But I thought I would say hello anyway to support Scandinavian beat making on the south coast.
I have a DT, DN, A4 and an octatrack and I currently trying to make music together with all 4-just rejigged my set up and stripped out everything else. It is always more of a journey than to arrive at finished tracks.
If you do find other people in the area and arrange a meet up, I will come if I can.
Also just north of me in Frome, there was a monthly electronic open mic thing-one of the few in the country. I forget the name of it but if you look up frome, there are great music sites for a very lively music scene. I came across it through the main guy been on a sonic state video with a monomachine doing some funky stuff. I never got to it before the lockdown.
Happy beatmaking

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Just got a analog four mkii , sold my mk1 years ago and missed the elektron way of thinking, I have had the octa two times but never really got in to it. I use ableton and have some old hardware samplers, controllers and a old tr 707. I love to keep in contact for the future. Many thanks Rickard