Anyone on Steemit? Or Dsound? Crypto social media sites

I saw the topic of cryptocurrencies, and felt this could go in there, and would get lost, and I feel it could deserve its own topic…shoot me if im wrong.

Im new to the crypto game, however I have friends heavily in it, and have been following it for a while, a few months back, a friend told me about
Its a blockchain blogging site, that seems to be gaining a lot of steem (ha…) lately.
On the site you can blog and see what others are talking about, similar to other social media sites
attached to that is Dsound, which is very similar to soundcloud
attached to that is dtube, which is very similar to youtube
attached to that is steepio, which is very similar to instagram
attached to that is dlive, which is a live feed site
all of these are linked, so you sign up for one, you can post and search on all of them,
they are all still in development, and at times can be a little glitchy…

The biggest thing that makes this site different then all of those, is that by the likes you generate on your posts and comments, you generate Steem dollars and steem power, which in turn can then transfer to your crypto and wallet of choice.
There are chat rooms to meet other users and learn how things work on the site, give suggestions and get feedback.

So far I have been on there almost two weeks, and by posting old songs, have made over $100 in steem dollars, which when I started was $7 per, and today its $5…thats $500, for getting likes, on old material.

I have been engaging with other users, and have found some very interesting people on there.

For the most part, the content is high quality, fresh, and not your friends complaining about their lives on facebook.

I have not put any money into this, I am just going to roll my earnings back into itself for a while and see what happens. I dont consider this a gamble because im not paying anything to start, and im posting this stuff elsewhere with little response.

The responses I have gotten from people seem to be more genuine, and tips are useful.

I have also heard a ton of great music on there already that i havent found elsewhere.

If you are even remotely interested in crypto, or spend a lot of time on these other sites, I highly suggest you sign up for this now, reserve your name, and SAVE YOUR PASSWORD (you only get one, if you lose it, its gone, and so is your account)

Mine is

takes about a week after you submit your registration to get your password and get started, but check it out.
if you sign up, shoot me a message when you are activated and I will upvote you to help get you going.
I seriously see a lot of potential in this.


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sounds like spam

suppose it would, if I were working for them, just giving you guys a heads up to check it out, especially for those already in the crypto game.

I’ve found the quality of the content on steemit to be diabolical. Lots of random copy and paste stuff from the internet hoping for money and really REALLY terrible white American music

Thats interesting, I have found some really great content, and some really great electronic artists on there

to name a few

lol this reads like a scam top to bottom.

sure why not, no matter to me if you guys join or not, just giving a heads up is all due to all the crypto talk.

I don’t understand where the money is coming from? are they redistributing the money from ads?

still learning it all myself, but the sum of the answer is Data = Money, theres a bunch of videos on youtube if you really want to learn a bunch about it, this was from a quick google search

yeah from what I gathered it’s a social network (a mashup of facebook, instagram, youtube and soundcloud) with a built in patreon that have it’s own cryptocurrency … hmm the idea is interesting, but it looks fishy for some reason

can totally understand that, but you dont need to invest any of your own money into it if you dont want to.
Im just going to ride on it for a few months and see what happens, figure worse case scenario I wasted some time on a social media site…not like ive ever done that before or anything :rofl:

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