Anyone willing to share a Digi project file for DnB/Jungle?

If there’s one thing that always eludes me, it’s getting those funky DnB/jungle breaks, especially the ghost hits/off beat rhythms.

Anyone out there willing to share a project file for any of the Digi boxes that I could explore? I’d love to look at the sound selection, trig timing, etc.


I just posted on the jamuary thread right below you. I feel the same way about sequencing dnb. That last track is my best attempt so far. There’s no chopped breaks it’s all one shots. I will say that following Renoise tutorials helps a lot, since the Elektron sequencer is really just a tracker that runs horizontally

Nice! Would you be willing to share the drum project file so I can peep it?

yeah but its for both Digitakt and Digitone is that ok? Also one discovery I had for sequencing ghost notes is pretty much fill up all the trigs on a track make at least one a retrig, put a little lpf on them, lock 2 or 3 trigs in at 100% and then just lower the probability for the whole track. now its drunk drumming

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Yeah! I have all 3 Digis, so I can hook them both up. You rock!

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