Apple WWDC, what do you hope to see?

Today is another WWDC. I’m hoping to see Logic on iPad (which obviously isn’t coming).
And the new Mac Pro, Macbook Air (which obviously are coming).

What do you guys hope for and expect to see?

Expect: new Mac Mini
Hope: announcements for next M2 and price cuts for current line :))

Anything that promotes a sustainable climate


Would be cool if we could get a smaller Mac Mini and not the same model we got for over a decade now.
Something that can easily switch between being an Apple TV and also run as a full working computer.

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Ah, probably a 27" iMac will be announced

I have an M1 iPad Pro so Logic is about the only thing that I am hoping for (but the OS16 multitasking and general improvements will be welcome)

The M1 doesn’t see much potential unfortunately. My guess is that it’s just cheaper for Apple but as a user would benefit much because of the limitations in the OS.

3 more hours to go and than we can all be disappointed again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really hoping for SwiftUI in AUv3 :heart_eyes:


Can you explain the significance of this feature? Fors on iPad??

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I’ve been hacking away with SwiftUI for a while, not so much because I’m dead set on making an app but more because I think it’s a great framework and see a lot of possibilities.

It’s still a little fresh in some areas though, so for example if I make an audio app using the SwiftUI framework it would be very hard to wrap that as an AUv3. But if Apple adds support for SwiftUI in AUv3 it means that you could easily launch an audio app as both standalone and AUv3 with the same UI code.

So I’m hoping this happens because it would open up for a lot of possibilities and I have less excuses to not do things, heh. :slight_smile:


Thank you for explaining. Will light a candle and cross my fingers for this to happen.



So what we got is Apple screwing all non M1 iPad users with iPadOS 16.

I despise greedy Apple so much right now. All their talks about environment and than putting software locks on ‘Pro’ devices that are only 2 years old where people payed 1000,- or up.

Total dmove by Apple. I really hope action is taking against this so Apple can’t get away with it.


unfortunately this is the nature of progress in tech, i suppose. i was actually listening to a podcast today about the multi-tasking feature, where they were explaining it’s not some software thing, it’s literally the M1 chip and the way it uses ram and swap memory that enables those features you’re bummed about not getting. prior iPads simply didn’t have the memory to let multiple apps be onscreen at once, which is why iPads have always had fullscreen apps that take up all the ram.

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Can you post a link to that podcast cause I don’t believe for a fact that’s true.
The iPad Pro from 2 years ago can easily do this Apple just decided not to do so.

It probably can do it, but not as easily or as fluid as Apple wants it to work.

This is not intended to defend Apple, just an observation on how they tend to do things. I don’t think they’re doing a really good job with the iPad in general and the way they seem to be “reinventing” multitasking just sucks.

My 2018 iPad Pro (just sold) is still an under-utilised beast. Think Apple is just fast tracking everybody to Silicon and have this excuse to do it.

Im sure it can handle stage control quite easily.

Once Apple complete the transition to Silicon I hope they go back to long term support like the old days (yeah I know unlikely)

Would be really pissed if I was a 2020 iPad Pro owner.

Same with MacOS - my 2016 Macbook Pro is still powerful and sure could handle this new stuff.

Hacks in the past prove its a bit iffy by Apple - I managed to get unsupported Mac OS fired up on a few computers in the past and ran great

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I could live without stage control nonsense. But the fact they would even allow scaling with external display is frustrating to say the least.

I prob wouldn’t use it on MacOS but possibly on iPad as I never got on with swiping windows in from the side and thought it looked naff too

Still think iPadOS could do with a stripped down Finder app rather then Files but I guess then it really would be too close to MacOS for Apple. I believe there was evidence years back of a Finder app for iOS that never saw the light

I did not expect the M2 chip to make its entry now. Thought they would release it in the fall.

Yeah guess they need to refresh the Air sales. Surprised they didn’t update the Mini but guess strategically to close to the Studio launch

MacBook Pro 13 with Touchbar surprised me - guess this model maybe on borrowed time