AR as a sampler

Hi, very close to buying a Rytm, just need to know what I can do with samples

How long can loaded samples be in the Rytm? Could you use the Rytm like an mpc? And, how do you get samples into the AR? Is there a way to record and also a way import via USB or something?

Any help much appreciated


Ah, just found how to load samples. Still wondering about sample time though if anyone can answer that. And, I’m curious, could I use the Rytm like a synth? Say, either load a sample of a synth sound and then map it chromatically, making use of the analog filters and fx. Or maybe use the analog oscs chromatically?

At the moment, samples can be played chromatically without a problem but the analog osc go badly out of tune. Elektron is aware of the problem, have said they would fix it but that it would take awhile. You can use filters and such on the samples.

I’m still not sure there’s a length limit. I think only a size limit. I myself am still not clear on that.

Thanks for the reply

That’s pretty awesome that it can play samples back chroatically through the filters and I’m Assuming fx too? It’ll be amazing if they could make the oscs work. How’s about using the samples to make a polyphonic synth?

It’s strange that I can’t find any info on sample length. Can anyone else share any info about sample data size/length/time?


yesterday i tried to load longer samples. 2:57 minutes was too long. i assume the limit is about 2:50 minutes.
On they mentioned a sample time of 3 minutes. the longest sample i transfer was 2:40 long.

oh and the size of the sample was 50 mb.
when i remeber right the ram size is 64 mb big per project so mabye thats the limit?

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That’s amazing, cheers

64mb per project @ 44khz Mono is the limit. So whatever that works out to in seconds.

No polyphony on samples on a single track, but you could layer them by placing samples on multiple tracks for polyphony / chords.

There is one more limitation, the AR can only play 8 tracks at once. The RS / CP, MT / HT, CH / OH & CY / CB are all choked as pairs, so if one plays the other doesn’t.

Samples sounds pretty great on it. I can’t put my finger on it, but pitching them just gives the sound a nice warm sound. Must be the circuits. It’s very nice.

Uploading via C6 isn’t ideal but it’s workable.


thanks for the reply, /EX - very helpful

in drum mode can oscs and samples be combined on a ‘sound’?

so, make a kick out of the analog synth, layered with one of my own .wavs on the one pad or ‘sound’

That is precisely the idea behind this amazing machine.

No its not really an mpc - if you want an mpc, get an mpc.
Yes you can layer analog and samples.

This info is all available in the manual btw - might save you waiting for replies.

Yup, reading manual now, I’ll stop being lazy :wink:

Thanks everyone for the replies, purchasing this beast tomorrow

The AR is no MPC, but the samples do sound tasty throught it. IMO an AR sequenced by an MPC is a match made in heaven <3

of course it’s not an MPC :confused:

but you can get similar functionality in terms of loading samples over 2 minutes long, and also having things chopped up and spread over the pads, and that’s what I was trying to find out.

and then you’ve got your chopped samples going through analog filters and distortion which, in theory, should be really great if you’re looking to add some dirt, and dirt is often associated with dusty mpc hip hop :slight_smile:

Btw - the filters, I couldn’t find any specifics about the multimodes - I’m guessing lpf, bp, br, hpf? or something else?
What are peoples opinions on the filters?

The filters are quite good, although more on the “linear” side, which, considering the open-endedness of the AR, is a good thing. And the per-pad overdrive is really, really usable for griming up any sound (param range on the overdrive is spot on IMO). But the sample bitcrush should also appeal to any vintage sampler lover.

There are LPF, LPF2, HPF, HPF2, BPF, Notch and Peak filters, with resonance and ADSR env ctrl.

What really blows minds with the AR tho is that every accessable parameter can be automated, by the sequencer (per step), LFO, or by 2 diff. modes of manual Macro-like functions. And pseudo-round-robin samples can be utilized, as one can change a pad’s sample per step :smiley:

PS: Having owned 3 MPC’s, I’m still a bit curious as on where the “MPC Grit” myth originates? AFAIK only the MPC60 had a significantly coloured sound…

Thanks for the reply, tsutek

got a Rytm being delivered tomorrow morning so will able to experience first-hand the filters, and everything else. Can’t wait

MPC grit - well I guess the first most obvious reason is that the MPC was adopted by countless hip hop producers and many of them were sampling vinyl, but I would choose the word ‘dusty’ to ‘gritty’ when trying to describe that typa sound, well sometimes, depends on the mix and EQ used too. Anyways it’s all subjective I guess. I think of grit coming more from lower sampling rates, so like the SP1200 or like you mentioned the MPC60, so I guess a lot of people just put all the older machines in the same bracket as the 44.1 16bit later MPC’s and they all get called gritty? I’ve never used an MPC though - would you recommend one in 2014 though when, say for example, I happily use Geist like it was bio-mechanically attached to me - would the MPC bring a certain ‘sound’ not achievable ITB?

Btw - do you know anything about the filters on the old school samplers? Were they anlaog? I’m guessing not.
I’m really excited about using my own samples in the Rytm but running them through real filters and distortion. The Rytm could potentially be fookin insane. Can’t wait

This is also my opinion. Samples in this thing just sound great. I have loaded mine with old funk breaks for drum & bass and they sound just like 1998. :smiley:

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like this kinda '98 sound?? :smiley: