AR Dual VCO slightly out of tune

Anyone experienced this? It sounds like it’s about 10 cents too high. Time for calibration?

It goes out of tune a bit for most people the higher up the range you play.

Are you plying “bass” or “lead” pitches?

Around C with tune of OSC1 set to 0 and detune to -49

Some people here have previously advised leaving the unit to warm up for 30mins to a hour. If that doesn’t work, calibrate.

Looking at your settings, -48 on detune keeps the tunings mathematically related (very much dependant on oscillator type though).

This may be of help to you: In-depth explanation of Dual VCO in Elektron Analog Rytm

Yeah, I’m just using the regular “+” config so it shouldn’t be any osc-modulation messing with tuning. It’s actually worse than my estimate. Checking it more accurate it’s somewhere between 20-25 cents too high. It’s been on for about 40 mins now so I’ll try calibrating it in an hour or so.

Same here, but usually around G and/or A and it’s not consistent only sometimes and yes, unit is warm at typical operating temperature.

I love the tone of dual VCO with the peak filter and medium resonance value - Just thick.

After being on for about 2 hours, it’s more or less in tune, without calibrating it. I would hope that it should settle a bit faster than that…

Well, just have to prepare in advance then.

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You could try this for a quick fix


awesome tips on the CV sources :guitar:

this TimeStretching tip is GOLD! flashback to the MK1 in 2016 where this forum really experienced the rytm and that part of velocity mapping, which i remember wasn’t possible on the older OS, no?