AR Electro Arpeggios?

Has anyone successfully managed to make convincing arpeggios on the Rytm? DVCO or Machines?
How do you go about it?
I am intrerestd in the kind that sounds weird and a bit dissonant, but still flow-y, like in those dirty electro tracks!
My tries have sound not so coherent, to say… i come from a hip hop sampling records, youtube and flacs backround so i still dont get how arpeggios really work.
i would suppose that with a sequencer arpeggios should be easy to make. then why am i struggling?
my minibrute has an arpeggiator but its kinda limited and the modes sound lame i think, so i had it switched to sequencer and never really gotten back to it.

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One thing I want to try is to record arpeggios from the Keystep 37. That could be pretty useful, but of course lacking the playability of a real arpeggiator.

I tend to just play them live recorded. It usually takes a few tries before I find the right feel but it’s not too difficult if you have a midi keyboard you can plug in. It works with the pads in chromatic mode too but you’re limited to an octave.
Obviously this method takes a little practice but it’s worth it as you can not only do arpeggios on machines without arpeggiators but you won’t be limited by the frequently underwhelming patterns available on machines that do have them.

I’ve been sending midi arp from OT into the AR sequencer with good results

Can do the same from ableton or MPK etc