AR - Help! Snare in right channel only?

I noticed I was getting the snare in only the right channel no matter what track or kit I used. I also checked my cables to my mixer, swapped them out, and tried three different sets of headphones. The only way I get stereo from the snare drum is through the direct out. On the main outs, if I pan to hard right I get full snare, and hard left gets me zero snare or, in some cases, barely audible snare in the left channel. The weirdest thing of all was that when I updated to 1.01B, the issue seemed to be resolved, but the next time I turned my AR on, the issue reappeared. I’m hoping I am missing something obvious, so any ideas would be most appreciated!


I will contact Elektron support. If anyone can replicate or throw out any ideas of things to check, I’d be most grateful.

Re-update and then try an empty reset followed by a factory reset (usually solves a lot of issues). If this doesn’t work you should contact support.

You’r Rytm has stereo outs. You would need a Y-splitter to each of the individual outs.

Edit: Thanks nightfade, I tried it and no changes -still experiencing the issue. While I was at it, I also ran Test Mode and received an error as follows:

AUDIO:[-] 3

I guess I’ll have to see what support says about it.

Hansobanso: In most cases, I’d like the snare in stereo from the main/stereo outs, but right now it’s only coming out of the right channel.

Maybe you can try to “clear” the LFO page befor contacting Elektron

Thanks for the idea. Rogue LFOs are usually the first place I look when I get unexpected behavior. The empty and factory resets probably would have resolved this as well, in case I still missed something.

Good news: Elektron has begun troubleshooting with me. I’ll keep you posted on what we find.

I’ve been in contact with Elektron support and since it does not appear to be a power supply (it’s the right PSU, anyway), they want me to send the machine back for repair. I’d be super bummed if it’s something simple I’m overlooking and I have to go without my AR for a while and possibly pay money to have it fixed. Any desperation troubleshooting ideas before I package this thing up? Maybe downgrade the OS? Is that possible?

For anyone interested, the issue was unresolved through troubleshooting and is apparently hardware related. Elektron was awesome about replacing the unit and did so quickly which I am super grateful for.

Great to know they replaced your unit so quickly !