Ar mk 2 problem

i have a problem…i save a kit and its ok ,then i change the settings on a pad and it changes the settings on all the pads so i lose what i created then i reload and the pads sound how i wanted them to,its only one pad that changes the rest …is there a solution for this?

This sounds like an external MIDI problem. Is the AR hooked up to anything else? If so, try and see if the problem happens when the AR is NOT hooked up to anything.

Can’t think of any reason it would happen otherwise.

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im just using the ar alone connected to over bridge on my pc

can you try this please? to check of it is related to the connection to computer…

the tracks (pads) may send midi information and the computer might send that back to the rytm and change parameters of different tracks (pads)

or do you mean, your sounds of a pattern are changing when you edit another pattern? (a kit can be used by multiple patterns)

i change pad 2 and all the other pads change too ,i will do what you suggested then get back to you ,thanks for the help

check in the rytm midi menu on which midi channel pad 2 is sending… look at the other channels, maybe they match. also look at the auto channel (may be set to 2)

also in that menu you can choose if turning the encoders and pressing the pads sends midi out at all or not…

Mmmm… Could that be a hidden control all feature on the AR?

yes, totally… with midi feedback this is possible… on the strom app for rytm on ios this was even embedded via software at some point…