AR MK1 freeze in scene edit mode

Over the years my ARMK1 has froze a handful of times… I’ve used it a ton so it’s really rare… It’s usually been in scene edit mode but also twice in scene mode, the ones in regular scene mode happened really close to each once while using overbridge but then again not using overbridge… Don’t know if that had anything to do with it. When it happens it keeps playing sound but all buttons are unresponsive.

Did an empty reset, saved and reloaded project, put out of overbrigde mode and hasn’t froze again… Left it on scene mode for a long time once after that…

Just curious if anyone’s ever had freezes in scene or scene edit mode, or any at all really… I never read reports of MK1 freezes… There wasn’t any midi going besides clock and transport from OT…

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Hi Mike we meet again haha!

I have an MK2 and read a lot about the freezes, must say I haven’t come accross many posts (if any) about the MKI freezing. So I share your curiosity!

At least it’s in scene edit mode so I can just not do that while performing… There was a few around when I was using overbridge in regular scene mode but as I said I went back to usb only, empty reset, save and reload project and hasn’t happened since…

I wrote to support awhile back and they hadn’t heard of it happening… It hasn’t happened in quite awhile but I kept forgetting to check if it has happened to anyone here… Is it just me? :thinking:

I just had my first freeze on my ARmk1 last week. I also was editing scenes but jumping back and forth between mutes/performances too so I don’t remember exactly what I was doing when it happened.
Other than that, it’s been rock solid.
Next time it happens, I’ll be sure to write a support ticket.


Haha, at least I’m not the only one… It only had happened a few times and tons of hours in between… My gear is stashed for a minute but when I get back at it maybe I’ll just leave it in scene edit mode for a long time and do different things to see if it happens… If it happens again I’ll try to see what else I was doing at the time and try to file a more specific bug report… Seems like software at least…