AR MK2 vs. AR MK1 + Digitakt


My current setup is ARmk1 and OTmk1. I have since realized that the sampling and resampling capability of the ARmk2 is a must for me for sound design workflow but have a couple questions.

  1. Would you recommend getting a ARmk2 or keeping my ARmk1 and using my upgrade money on a DT basically as an expanded stand in for ARmk2’s sampling engine? I feel like having it all wrapped up in one unit sounds better to me overall but the DT does have more fleshed out sampling.
  • I also enjoy the form factor of the mk1 a bit more for portability (which would match DT)
  • I do have FOMO regarding that perf knob on the AR Mk2
  1. Will drag and drop in OB come to RYTM making resampling on a computer bearable for an ARmk1

Thank you guys so much for your input.


For me the difference between mk1/mk2 does not justify me from moving from mk1 to mk2. I have enough sampling device.
And if you have the OT, on sampling side you are quite good.

Would it not be worth just optimizing the way you do sampling between both unit ?
A third unit like DT would it fit your workflow, or maybe replace the OT with the DT if you are not in long/stereo sampling.
Now DT as quite nice way to provide feature in the OT range ( yeah not the same, but slicing change things ).

On my side, 2 Elektron at once is enough. More it is complicated specifically on midi side, you begin to see it change your workflow. And your project are harder to manage.

don’t you agree that the samples from the rytm sound completely different than from the DT.

Personally, I wouldn’t use the DT anymore for exactly this reason. It sounds kind of hard, I don’t know how to describe it.

it’s totally wonderful to record synthesizers etc. during production and then use them in the rytm with the sampler. it would be great if elektron added more options to the sampler.

so if I were you I would stick with the rytm mk1. the form factor is really much better than the mk2. looks much nicer.

but it has to be said that the sample function, the display and the OB function are great. With the mk2 you can play all machines via OB…

Thank you so much for your extremely helpful input. I will see how I can “optimize” sampling between the ARmk1 and OT before I must absolutely have the sampling on the MK2. I also agree that 3 units begins feeling like to much to me as well! Too many options and things to focus on. I’d rather just master the depth of the RYTM and the OT and to be honest I just don’t feel the same calling to use the DT as I do with the other two.

I will keep exploring a more efficient resampling workflow on my computer for the ARmk1 as well. It is fun to use ableton time stretching and eventide effects on sampled RYTM drums and send them back! So although the computer is slower there are significantly more options. Thank you both.

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