AR MKII single outs: 8 or 12?

with the MKI I was able to get 8 single outs (+ main out) in my mixer.
(with Y-split (TRS -> 2x TS) for the group outs)
Now this doesnt works for the MKII.
CH+OH / MT+HT… is always outputted together (even with TRS Y-splitter cables).
I know the sheets with the specific overview:

Analog Rytm MKI
Track Out BD-BT Unbalanced Split (Tip: BD, Ring: BT) TRS
Track Out SD-LT Unbalanced Split (Tip: BD, Ring: BT) TRS

Analog Rytm MKII
Track Outs Unbalanced Stereo TRS

But what does it means?
Do I need balanced splitter cables, is this a Elektron downgrade, machine broken or my misunderstanding?
greetz - Daniel

This isn’t quite right

Those appear to be (pseudo/impedance)balanced outputs

my voice pairs output only on the tip together

further info here

yes, I read that post too before I went confused…

So it’s different to Mk1 - arguably for the worse, if you’re not desperate for impedance balanced connections, but it’s technically an enhancement - so nothing wrong with your gear

ah, ok - thanks.
But could I get 12 outs into my mixer or not ; )

not that I can see with just 8 discrete signals covering 8 voices across 12 tracks


hm, ok. On the other side I would have needed a bigger mixer ; )

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