AR only track draft - need some feedback

Ok not just AR, also some fx: AH, EHX MemoryMan & Pulsar. But the only synth is the AR. Bassline using the awesome DVCO synth. 1 take live recording.

Style? Dubbed out atmospheric techno perhaps? I don’t like the denominators dub and minimal techno as they imply their standardized style tropes. Although stripped of those connotations the labels could fit.

With such atmospheric, slowly progressive tracks I’m always in doubt about whether there’s too little (variation) going on and whether it’s too long. What do you think? (private link as this a draft)

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Got some EBM vibes with that bassline

The atmospheric elements are nice but not enough progression in the drums. I’m sure the lack of 4/4 kick was intentional but I think bringing extra percussion whether a kick or hats would help add some interest and create more “drama”

Now that you mention it… I like some Terence Fixmer now and then!

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Thanks, will give that a try.

I indeed often stay away from straight 4x4. I like my rhythms to push and pull against the grid .

Enough variations for me… anyway it’s meant to be incorporated in a mix as it is.

Nice one ! Will play.

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That actually inspired me to listen to some Fixmer and what do you know, my track definitely shares some similarities with his recent stuff…

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Good stuff. Nice that you set out to be original and found that there were similarities.
Far too often people try to emulate established artists without trying to find their own sound

If I see one more post about how to sound like boards of Canada, I think I’ll lose my mind!


We still get influenced by what we ve experienced, even when we re not conscious of it. Sometimes i do set out to replicate something i ve heard as an exercise. But copying styles or tricks to fit within a given genre is def not my thing.

Also not claiming that my track under consideration here is the most original thing ever made :smiley:

Haha no, I don’t think anyone can claim to be original these days!

Drop that main synth line out once in while and bring it back it with a different modulation. I liked it. But needed space.
Drums and atmosphere were cool.

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Thanks. I agree with that and was already trying it out. Also added slight variations/glitches to the synth with cond trigs and to the beat with fills. This track is becoming a good learning piece to further master the AR. Now using scenes, performances, cond trigs and fills on it. This machine is such a live performance beast…

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Love all your sounds!
More variation in the synth (not just filter sweeps) would be the main thing to me. Use a few different pattern variations, drop outs, time changes, etc.
off to a great start!

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