AR samples -> PC

Is there a way to backup on a pc the loaded samples?


I realized too late that the RYTM sysex backup does not include samples. I’ve spent hours uploading 1000s of samples and I never once thought about making a copy on my computer for back up. So, all these samples are all over my computer and elsewhere.

Has anyone come up with a backup solution?
I’m hoping Void will do something with SDS Drop as he seems to be solely tackling the “sample upload” grievances that others have had.

Anyway, any ideas?

Maybe sample them from RYTM via your Audiointerface :slight_smile:
Sorry, no clue.

I seriously have bout 3000 samples on there. That would take me a stupid amount of time to do. Like a year or something.
Certainly there has to be a better way.
And yes, I’ve already started locating many of the samples on my computer, but again, not ideal.

It seems that if you can send a sample to the RYTM via SYSEX, then what would be stopping it from retrieving it as well???

Nah only an extreme hour or two. Record into one audio file while previewing the files!

yes, i’d imagine everything would come out pretty much the way they are (after rytms internal conversion, that is) if you use sample level below 100 and use overbridge for capturing the samps

Just repeating something I heard Cuckoo say - if you have to reload your samples, you don’t have to get the folder structure right. Just the name and the sample. It was a revelation for me in the event of accidental deletion. HTH.


If I were to record these sample from the RYTM, I would not only have to make sure the names were corrected, but I would have to make sure they were all the exact same length as they are in the Rytm or the timing/sample start would be a disaster…right? I guess not for the 1 shots so much, but the loops and such…?

idk, sounds like a big PITA to me and much more than an hour or two.

It’s a bummer the “full backup” doesn’t really give you a full backup. Maybe Elektron thought it would take too long…maybe it would. But, if Void can shorten the upload time 10-fold with SDS Drop, maybe he can figure it all out. I can’t remember if I’ve written him about it yet…

I actually keep a folder structure on my HD thats identical to the RYTMS.
I use that same structure for the OT, as well as Live, or anything else.


Yep, I wish I had done with that.
Definitely next time.

Hello guys I spent a week Loading a sample Library on my Ar and then started to freeze and five some error messages on the screen.
So the dealer contacted Elektron and to make the Long story short they are sending me a new unit. So I was wondering if is possible to export my sample library out so I can load it in the new unit.

Search your computer for samples that you use in your projects, assign them to a folder in say the songs Ableton project folder or some were else safe and do cloud backups just in case. You can also drop the syx file in there, this will come in handy should you wish to load just the samples into your machine.

For swapping units you could load all your samples to projects (128 at a time obviously) and use overbridge totall recall.
Not ideal but it should work.

My immediate reaction is… the samples presumably came from your computer in the first place, so that’s where you should be managing backups.

HEHE that’s the problem… can’t find from previous backups coz they are inaccessible …