AR scene automation

I love Scenes in my Rytm. I cannot automate them from ableton, I think.

Any workaround?

anyone an idea why this is not possible in overbridge? There is no problem with Perf… Mute… but there is a problem with the Scenes :frowning:

Scenes can not be automated. Maybe in later versions.

They can be automated - as to what aspects of your DAW or OB session you’re struggling with, i am not sure, but it’s shown in the Manual that the Scenes are controllable by NRPN 1:104 or CC92, just set the Performance channel and enter an appropriate Value 0 off 1-12 to select … and it’s all fine

So it’s very doable :thup:

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Correct. So not automated in Overbridge. The PugIn doesn’t support Sceneautomation.

But if you can also automate a CC in a Daw i don’t quite see what the issue is - i’ve no experience with OB in this regard so i guess it’s something i don’t notice the same

sorry to ask this… no experience with this…

I need to create a seperate ‘external instrument’ track for this?

Don’t know the MidiChannel and Parameter. There was a thread in the past but i can’t find it.

Maybe this max patch, found in another thread, could help you:

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