AR separate outs Vs stereo sum?


I hear a lot of talk about the difference in sound between the separate outs and stereo sum on the Analog Rytm. Does anybody have an audio demo they could share? Doesn’t have to be anything musical as such, just a simple loop so that we can hear the difference.


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So, what does this ‘talk’ basically say then ?
Keep in mind that the voice taps are before the dist/comp


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‘Talk’: People saying that the ‘boxy’ or ‘squashed’ sound that the rytm has in many demos is down to people recording via the main stereo outs. And, that it can be avoided by going out of the individual outs. I’d just like to hear the difference there, if anyone would be up for recording a quick example?

Thanks for the image there by the way. Judging by that image, I’m presuming a lot of what I’m hearing and what people are commenting on is down to the distortion and compressor. I wonder how much of a difference the individual outs vs main stereo outs makes when there’s no distortion or compressor?

Look here.
Maybe you get the idea.

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I’d hazard a guess that most people use OTT settings on the master fx. Of course it’s going to sound overly distored and compressed vs. going out from the indiouts :diddly:

You can also maximize gainstaging via the indiouts if summing with an analog mixer that has trims on every channel. With just the 2bus out, you can only set the trim for the whole “kebab”


If someone was to upload two tracks, one would be the rytm stereo sum with effects, dist, comp, while the other would be dry tracks summed by some device that they own. So you’d be comparing dry tracks summed by X device to tracks put through rytm effects and summed in the rytm. You’d have to have all effects off, and you’d still get different results depending on X device. At best you could compare one track sent though mains with all effects off to that tracks individual output, which I bet will sound pretty close. I’ve had my rytm for two years and haven’t even plugged a cable int the separate outs yet! The mains sound great…

Yup. I made the n00b mistake of recording my yocto mix out…not impressed.

Then I did the individual outs…oh wow.

Good point! I’m sure the summing device (mixer) would play a large part in this. I’d still like to hear a dry comparison just out of curiosity though.

I’m pretty certain most of what I’m hearing, as everyone is saying, is down to the effects.

Thanks for the replies!

Could also be a matter of headroom. To test this would require bouncing the 2bus outs with various individual track levels (low, medium, high). We cannot know how much the AR summing bus has headroom and how linear/nonlinear the summing amplifier operating range is. Transient response might change, freq response might change, imaging might change. No real way to know without testing.

In any case, I wouldn’t call AR’s 2bus summing subpar by any means. But interested to know everything about it.

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