AR Song Mode : stuck by limited bar amount

Hi everyone !
I’ve chosen the Analog Rytm MKII as my only live sequencer (no computer) to perform an Electro-Pop live set with a Nord keyboard and a mic.
I’ve started to use Song Mode to structure and play my whole 50mn set.
I’ve chained my patterns in a single Song, one music piece per Song Row
Then, I got stuck by a limitation :
I noticed that, in a single Song, I couldn’t chain my patterns on more than 1041 bars.
Has any of you met the same issue ?

How could I include more patterns (increase the total amount of bars) in a song chain ?
…or is it a matter for the mighty Elektron Team ? ^^’

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Bumped into this issue before.

As switching song is instantaneous, my solution was to divide my set in a couple of different songs and manually changes them at specific moment in my sets.


Thanks for your answer ^^
Indeed, splitting my set into 2 songs is the solution I found so far.
But how do you switch instantly from one song to another ?
The only way I know is to go to the Song Menu, choose “Load Song” then select my second song, validate, double press stop to get the cursor at start position, then press play…
…which is already a too long procedure during a live set :confused:

Have you got a better way ?

Nope, that’s the fastest you can do it unfortunately.

I made sure to prepare some transitional patterns that can run in the background and stay interesting enough on their own to keep the musical momentum going while doing the song change. It gives you a second to breathe and/or jam on top of these moments :wink:

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Thanks for this suggestion : I’ll try that and practice a bit !
… until the Elektron Team answers :wink: