AR1 Audio dropouts when pattern changing

Hi Guys,

Whenever my Analog Rytm MK1 changes from one pattern to another within the same project/song there is a brief audio cutout meaning that all of the sound from the first beat of the bar doesn’t play. This also happens when changing between scenes and turning scenes on and off etc.

Does anyone know how fix this issue? I’ve looked all over this forum and I can’t find anyone with this exact problem. The brief silence is almost if the new sounds are loading but this shouldn’t happen should it? And why would that affect changing scenes.

Thank you in advance for any help!

Hi, welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:

if you load a new project, does it also happen? for example a factory demo project?

Hi thanks for the welcome!

Just tried that with the factory demo and no it doesn’t. Do you think it’s because changing between my own patterns/kits is too CPU heavy or something? Is that a thing?

good, so it is no faulty unit!

no, I dont think so… i guess something with your sound or kit settings or your sequencer settings/ trig locks or lfos is likely to be not what it should be/ unintended…

do all sounds get cut, or just some specific?

do you have any midi connections from/to AR?

All sounds get cut and I don’t have any MIDI connected. Is it perhaps having too many trig locks? I have just under the maximum I think per kit.

I can send settings if that helps!

The weird thing is that in the silence I think I can hear the reverb send but not the original sound

I don’t have an AR, but something like that definitely shouldn’t happen.

Maybe run test mode to make sure your Rytm is fine?

How test mode is initiated is in the manual.

Ok thanks for the advice I’ll give it a go! I won’t lose anything if I do that will I?

Always good to have recent backups, but no, test mode shouldn’t corrupt your projects or anything like that.

it is hard to say, but maybe some locks on the sequencer (or and on the scenes) on the compressor settings on the fx track?

if you copy the patterns within the same project and use new kits / sounds on it, does it still happen?

another idea: do you have some trig mutes in the pattern eventually?


I just turned off the compressor on all kits and the delay was no more.

Can’t than you enough!