Are the Model Samples Stickers Removable?

or not?

I’m pretty sure. when i had the M:S i spelled something wrong :sweat_smile: and had no trouble getting the stickers that came with it off.


heat gun or hair dryer is your friend.

just be careful not to burn yourself or your M:S.

just wanted to know before I make use of them, I like the model series plain but will probably use them on something else

fwiw there are other non-permanent ways to customize your M:S…Oversynth makes a bunch of cool overlays that you install just by taking the knobs off…and Chroma Caps work like a charm on the M:S…both very removable…

I applied some to my model cycles but later removed them. they come off pretty easily, but were only on there for a short while. At worst they might leave a little residue you could probably clean with alcohol.

just fyi…that’s how I erased or smeared half the parameter descriptions on my M:S…they come off pretty easy…so be careful with the alcohol!

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Careful to not rub off the printed labels

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