Are there CC values for the Master Effects etc?

I’m working out how to set my midi controller (Evolution UC16) to control my MD. In the manual, there are only CC values listed for machine parameters. Can I control other parameters such as those from the Master Effects and LFO pages using CC? If not, can I control them using MIDI notes or something?

Many thanks

You can control the master effects with Variable Sysex strings if your Controller Supports it.

I’m not familiar with the controller you mentioned.

Yeah, I don’t think it will do that. I suppose a workaround for now can be loading the CTR-Rhythm Echo machine etc. and mapping the CCs to them. Cheers!

bcr2000 does this job

The back of the manual for the UC16 has transmits sysex marked in the chart. At a quick glance I could not find a way to program a sysex message. Worth checking into further.