Are there standard synth presets for the A4 / AKeys?

I’m looking for some typical and “boring” presets that contain classic synth presets. I’d like to use the AKeys for some non-experimental sounds, but can’t handle it.If anyone could give me a hint, I’d be very grateful.

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One of the presets is a supersaw. Not sure it gets more standard than that these days!

Have you had the chance to check one out in person? It does do bread and butter sounds pretty well.

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One would think selecting a saw wave and filtering it would be as classic as it gets. Should be able to knock those sounds out no problem

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Thanks !
I know it should be no problem to create some ana- standards on ym own, but I have not time left to do that so I was thinking about commercial presets. Therefore I purchased lots of Elektron soundpacks. But all of it are far away from what I would call “standard analog”, Could be that the A4 sound characteristic is simply not a fit. Even primitive Moog-ish presets or SAW near sounds lack any depth or substance. Please don’t get me wrong, I love my AKeys, but I’m afraid that I’ll have to carry a second keyboard to the gig after all. And that’s exactly what I wanted to avoid :wink:

Stupid question. But with presets like downloadable packs. Can you read the parameters individually so you can do some reverse engineering stuff. Just from a learning pov. Or do the settings not change?

Sure thing , Sabana- you can edit everything. A Preset is just a set of saved but not locked parameters. You can start from the preset and edit through your way.


Works great for cold minimal synthwave. But it stops there.

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maybe you wanna post some of the sounds you would LIKE to get out of the Analog Keys and then you can see if anyone can help you with recreating those on the A4. :slight_smile:

Thank you all very much. I also bought the corresponding Sundpacks again, but the AKeys has its own sound character. And that’s a good thing. So long :slight_smile:

I make minimal/ebm… Use a saw,sine,square and save your money