ARLab#1 Synthesis

Let’s keep the first one simple. The idea is to show off the synth capabilities of the AR.

The rules are,

  1. Analog Rytm only, no external gear or effects
  2. No samples

Who’s in?

I’m still waiting for mine to arrive, 2 weeks they say … fingers crossed

hhahaaa lol …starting a lab without a machine … u r funny … :slight_smile:

WELL … I am in … waiting for my AR to arrive within the next 7 days!

How about I get the ball rolling …

Nice werk!!

good work! my contribution to the lab :slight_smile:

Nice one guys, im just waiting for 1500e to appear before i get started!

Djd-oz, cool sounds, monster snare with the reverb, and interesting sounds,

Gruga - Thats tasty, you make me want it str8 away!
Oh you bastard! yep thats good!

I’m in. I should have something to show for by the end of the weekend.

hey GUGA… this is dope shit you made there!!! wicked tunes!

hey GUGA… this is dope shit you made there!!! wicked tunes![/quote]
thanks TrabanT, glad you lilke it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sweet, guga!

I’m actually working on another one, it’s a great way to explore the different machines.

nice! keep them coming djd_oz :slight_smile:

Here you go, this one using the FM machines.

^ great stuff

First Stab, hopefully another coming soon:

cool lab!
& crazy stuff so far… love the guga-step :slight_smile:

here’s a crappy acid attempt:

Here is another (possibly my last submission), this one is based on the classic machines.

Hope to hear more some submissions from fellow elektronauts.

when is this lab closing?

It’s open ended, probably revisit this again myself when some new machines surfaces.

Thought I’d give my AR a little attention, maybe 10 mins is a bit too long :slight_smile: