ARMK2 + A4MK2 glitch out when MIDI-ed together

As soon as I hit play on either machine, they both start glitching out (both freeze no audio, and the lights start blinking erratically, tempo light goes crazy).

I suspect some sort of MIDI syncing/feedback issue cause I can just slave the A4 to the Rytm with one cable and it works fine. I just lose transport control from the A4.

Any ideas?


A4MK2 1.35B
ARMK2 1.45

AR > MIDI out > A4 MIDI in
A4 > MIDI out > AR MIDI in

AR checked: Clock Send, Transport Receive, Transport Send
A4 checked: Clock Receive, Transport Receive, Transport Send

Off on both: Receive notes and receive CC/NRPN

Something wrong, you send and receive Transport on both.
Uncheck Transport Receive on AR, and Transport Send on A4.

If off, with don’t you use only one cable?

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They should both be able to send and receive transport from each other. That is the issue. Unless I’m wrong, but I think that is a normal function between machines?

I just want transport control from both machines, don’t need notes or CC messages from either to go to the other.

There’s usually a master and a slaved machine.
Try to uncheck Transport Send from A4 to check if it’s the glitch out reason.

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Ya it works just slaving the A4 to the AR. I sent in a support ticket. I seem to remember it working fine before the last update. Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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