Arranger Mode Midi control?

I know this is probably a no-go, but does anyone know if it’s possible to control arranger mode from midi? Would be mint to be able to move through arranger using a foot pedal. I often set up infinite loops which I manually move past when i’m ready.

Failing that, does anyone know any smart ways of navigating the arranger list while playing? I had a read through the manual but nothing really seemed useful.

Also keep making the mistake of using [function+down] to quickly move through the list of steps like it does everywhere else in the OT, but instead it creates extra rows in arranger :frowning:

AFAIK, there are no MIDI command that you could transmit to enter arranger mode. But since you can save an project with its Arranger mode active, I guess that it might be just a slight problem.

Regarding navigation in Arranger mode:
MIDI SPP + Clock + Transport are the closest you´ll get when utilizing MIDI messages (system real-time messages).

Haven´t heard, read or tried infinite loops. Are we still talking about playing Arranger rows? Or is it in the pattern settings you are thinking of regarding that? SPP and infinite loops shouldn´t necessarily mean any problems, just haven´t thought of it before or tried it. Interesting.

Up and down arrows (without holding function) let you navigate the rows.
If you move to a new row and hit enter the arranger will jump to the new row when finished with its current row.

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I forgot about the transport controls! I’ll have to see how much control over the arrange i can wrangle. I think I remember a forward command, which just might do the trick.

Have you managed to pull this off? Pulling my hair right now. Wasting so much time trying to figure out something so vital. Arghhh

Same here, not much hair to pull but still trying. Using sequencer start A#1 from a midi foot pedal starts sequencer but the arranger is stuck in first pattern. Any ideas? Guess i can use a blank pattern and start with a button press, but would be helpful to do this via footswitch.