Arranger Mode- Using Halt between sections LIVE

I’m using “halt” in arranger mode between sections of a song. But between those sections I play something freely live on my synth that is not to a grid. I want to be able to then trigger the next section of my arrangement (after the halt) smoothly when I’m ready, but in order to do this I need to scroll to the first pattern of the section, hit yes, and then play, which I obviously can’t do live while I’m playing synth. I need a one button solution, or a MIDI command or some other workaround! Any advice? (mkii btw even though I doubt it matters)


Working for One arrangement :
If you press Stop then Start, the song start again. A workaround would be to start your song at different moment from the Arranger start, put an Halt, press Stop / Start or send a Midi B35 restart, then your song continue…

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The problem is, I have 2 breaks like this in the song like this, so it’s not just two parts, it’s 3 and I need to move to a next section twice. Is there any other way?

but how would I would I utilize this technique if there are 3 different sections? I don’t understand what the point is of halt if you can’t easily start the part after it.

I meant working for 1 Halt obviously.
Unfortunately no midi message concerning the Arrnager to my knowledge, like NEXT ROW.
Add it to feature request !
Instead of HALT, loop a silent pattern, 2 steps long. Avoiding PLAY press.
Or a transition pattern…