Arturia Minifreak - 6-voice hybrid synth with 37 keys and FX engine

Description & Specs

Unprecedented hybrid polyphony
With over 20 modes to choose from including Virtual Analog, FM, and Additive, the interplay between MiniFreak’s two oscillators can result in truly unique compound sonic behavior. With 6-voice polyphony, analog filters, and the ability to process engine 1 through engine 2, MiniFreak puts premium polyphonic synthesis exploration into a compact & tactile instrument that’s as addictive as it is powerful.

Customizable & experimental sound design
Embellishing the popular Freak modulation matrix, MiniFreak gives users even more control over shaping, transforming, and evolving their sound, with features like polyphonic ADSR envelopes, customizable multi-segment LFO shapes, FM & Ring Modulation, and the familiar Spice & Dice randomization.

Mix-ready stereo sound
MiniFreak comes with stereo outputs and 3 digital FX slots with 10 FX types to choose from. From stereo-enhancing chorus, to surgical 3-band EQ, to gritty 6-mode distortion, users will have everything they need to push their sound over the edge while keeping it mix-ready.

Expression, meet chaos
Despite its penchant for wild & exploratory sound design, MiniFreak is also built as a responsive instrument of expression. Its velocity-sensitive 37-note keybed with aftertouch and spontaneous Seq/Arp functionality makes it a dream to perform with, while its randomization features and modulation lanes put playfulness and sonic momentum immediately at users’ fingertips.

MiniFreak V
MiniFreak comes with a dedicated VST counterpart, letting users totally integrate its unique hybrid sound into their DAW productions and vice versa. Using identical sound engines and architecture, it offers a like-for-like virtual experience of the synth itself, at no extra cost.


  • 6-voice polyphony
  • 37-note velocity-sensitive Slim-keykeybed with aftertouch
  • 2 sound Engines with 22 oscillator modes in total
  • Engine 2 can be used to process Engine 1
  • 1 envelope per voice
  • 1 cycling envelope per voice
  • 2 LFOs per voice
  • Polyphonic analog filters and VCAs
  • 3 digital FX slots in insert or send mode, with 10 FX to choose from
  • User-customizable LFO curves
  • Mod Matrix with 7 sources and 13 potential destinations
  • OLED display for real-
  • MIDI in/out/thru
  • USB connectivity
  • Sustain, audio in, and clock in/out connectivity
  • Stereo outputs
  • 256 factory presets
  • 256 user slots


  • US: $489+tax
  • EU: 599€



ok, so the microfreak has 17 osc modes…5 more!

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And polyphonic analog filters…


#NGNY FTW :fist: :sweat_smile:


Hoping this means that the new ones will come to the microfreak with an update! Although holding them back for the minifreak kind of makes sense as an incentive to buy that one.

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Some random initial thoughts based on pics alone:

  1. Adding a second oscillator should open this freak up.
  2. This is Arturia, so I imagine the FX should be pretty good.
  3. Looks like a handful of new chance/roll-the-dice type jobbies.
  4. Cool to have mod/pitch/whatever touchstrips
  5. I would have hoped for a little more in the matrix section, like having the oscillators as mod sources.

Adding a second oscillator should open this freak up.

I would say so about the FX in a first place. Dry sound is oookay, but adding some delay and reverb really makes it shine


Cool stuff. Also reminds some vintage Yamaha or microkorgs visually (update: not so much in 3d :smiley:)
Good move

pretty interesting. Looks much better than the microfreak as well :upside_down_face:


Are these minikeys though? Come on Arturia… it’s a missed opportunity. It’s not a deal breaker anyway.

Whoa… a “Reset Out” jack on the back? Would that be connected to the envelopes? If so, that’s special. (Could this be this a feature from the MatrixBrute that made it to the Minifreak?)

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Anyone know what this means ? I originally assumed 2 Oscillators per voice, but maybe it refers to effects ?

Actually very nice synth features!

However as a Keystep 37 user for all my synths I don’t need an additional keyboard.

I’m afraid my GAS is limited by space considerations. :disappointed_relieved:


Interesting and rather Korg-like.

I literally always run my microfreak through chorus, so I’m really curious about the effect section. It sounds so much better with just a little bit of effects on it.

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Same here. Running through a (cheap) chorus into mixer and Reverb & Delay on send. Sounds like a million bucks. This Mini will probably be just that :+1:

Well if anybody’s in the market for a used microfreak and keystep 37 in the near future, I’ll be on reverb.


It’s live:


So one analog filter per voice and one VCA per voice ? That could be a good stuff !

Still not sure:

Engine 1 - A typically Freaky array of classic, quirky, and cutting-edge oscillator modes. Engine 1’s selection includes Arturia modes like SuperWaves, Karplus Strong, and Audio In, Mutable Instruments’ open-source Plaits modes like Speech and Modal, and 3 modes designed with LA modular heavyweights Noise Engineering. Engine 2 - Expanding on Engine 1’s selection, Engine 2 can be used to process Engine 1 itself, with modes like Comb Filter, Destroy, and Ring Mod.

EDIT: and no manual available yet to tell me more.

Haha same
I am trying to see if I can just replace my 37 with this