As a fashion designer in korea

I work as a fashion designer in Korea. Recently, I have been studying elektron devices because I am attracted to them, but it is difficult to learn them because they are not famous in Korea.

I am going to make an ambient music for fashion show or fine art. and I am going to combine my music with my clothes to do fine work. I hope we can communicate with friends from various countries and exchange inspiration.

It is the first music to work with analog rhythms and analog four. I’m really amazed at the sound coming out of these little machines.

if you have any good idea or make something, i want to be an inspiration friend.

Nowdays, Korean artists are doing some pretty cool work. I am looking forward to collaboration with people from other countries.:slight_smile:

p.s Will Machine Drummk3 be released?


Congrats! I’ll take a listen.

Aesthetic overlap between sound and style is only natural :slight_smile:

I’ve only done it once for my city’s fashion week, but have two (super obvious in retrospect) suggestions.

  • Try to ensure your track is simple / minimalist

The hall will be boomy, the acoustics terrible, and the PA inoptimal. The designer wanted a lot of things that i would have cut out had i known the poor state of reproduction live. I had a complete different experience sitting and watching than observing high fashion shows on youtube where they have it all saved from the board.

Keep reverb and delay levels low if you’ll have them in abundance with the live space.

Watch the low end and over-compression. What boooooms at home on your monitors and headphones could go crazy in a mostly empty hall.

  • Ensure that you gets a soundcheck early on so levels are understood

The designer paid a large amount to headline, i stayed up sick for 4+ hours through the other walks only for the sound team to mess up somehow at the last moment, drop the track entirely and play a dull generic loop for the entire walk.

Designers are so used to wrangling last minute model issues that the 30 second sound check doesn’t always come as a necessary step. Especially since all the students that walked earlier had their tracks played with no interruption!

The designer apologized to me for my work being altered, but i felt like i’d let them down by not thinking that far ahead. That wasn’t the only logistical problem by far, but it’s something i could control beforehand!

Hopefully my failure wouldn’t have been for naught :slight_smile:


Good luck with your efforts. I love the idea of music performance outside of the ‘normal’ venues like clubs and bars.
As far as Machinedrum MK3 sadly I don’t think Elektron has any such plans. It has been implied that the Analog Rytm is about as close as we will get. Which is too bad. As many people see the Machinedrum as the pinnacle of Elektron devices! I know I’d love to see a new one with USB, SD card for UW and other updated features. Especially now that MD prices have gone up!
But Elektron has stated they are more interested in new products, not re-issues.