Assigning tracks to scenes

So I read through the manual and figured out how to assign one track to a scene, but I want to assign multiple tracks to a scene. Based on the manual, it sounds like it can be done.
Anyone have any luck or know how to do it?
Thanks in advance!

While I scene edit mode, hit track + the track pad you want to react to the scene! then hold the scene pad and tweak away !

I tried it again just now and on mine it works for one track per scene. I want to open the filter, or add delay on many different tracks. Can this be done in scene mode where I can assign multiple tracks to one scene? Again, it says it can in the manual.

if you want to tweak parameters for different tracks in performance mode, first enter performance mode then hold the Perf button briefly. selecting any of the pads will now allow you to set different parameters for each of the scenes. select the track you want to edit (track button+track pad), then hold the scene you’re currently setting and change the track’s parameters you want to change.
each time you change scene, the display will tell you the number of locks for that specific scene and the pads will display the tracks affected (pads will lit up in orange)
hope this helps

edit: actually, you can do this without having to enter performance mode, just hold the Perf button and you’ll be taken to scenes setup mode straight away

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Honestly no, not at all. The rytm has been nothing but frustrating since I got it. Seriously, why would I have to go into performance mode to edit the scenes? That doesn’t make any sense. On top of that, I can’t get mine to edit multiple tracks in one scene, even when I follow your direction perfectly. Wow, I think it’s time to let this thing go!

step 1: hold down the scene button for one second.
step 2: select your scene by tapping a pad (blue led)
step 3: hold down the track button on the left and select your track via touching it’s respective pad (orange led)
step 4: hold down the pad for the scene (blue) and turn the parameter knobs while the pad is being held down.
step 5: hold the track button on the left and select a new track via the pad. goto 4.

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First I go to ‘scene on’ (so the red light is ‘on’

Then I press and hold ‘function + pad’, while I turn the encoders to create the new parameter setting.

When I want to select the knobs that are assigned to a different track, first I select the right track by ‘track + pad’. This is how you usually select a track, and can even be done in the ‘Scene’ mode

then do the 2nd step again, so with the same pad, but with extra settings of a different track.

i think this is very intuitive, but as I find out slowly, many things are a little strange when doing it for the first or second time. when doing it a few times, it’s really fast and also logical.

Thanks for all the help guys! I finally got it. It’s weird how you have to do each track separately. You would think you could highlight all the tracks you want to affect with the scene, turn the encoder and it’s done. Hopefully they can make this in a future update!
Sorry to be a pain.

glad you got it working. multi-select would be pretty cool. reminiscent of ctrl-all in the machinedrum.

To me it’s logical but we will see what the big boys do. Thanks for all the help! Is that the Bug PEQ in your photo?