Association between sounds and machines

When selecting a sound in sound browser, the analog RYTM displays which are the tracks in which the sound can be used (the corresponding pads are illuminated). The alternative, as for oscillator synthesis architecture (I am referring to MK1 but I suppose MK2 could be the same), seem to be CH/OH, CY/CB, BT, LT/MT/HT, BD/SD/RS/CP, RS/CP.
If the RYTM displays the sound can be used in every pad, what does it means? Is it possible to change sound characteristics in order to have it only associated with a specific group of pads?
To clarify: I have some sounds that are BD. RYTM displays they can be used in every pad but I would like to change the characteristics in order to limit the use only to BD/SD/RS/CP (the best would be to have only the association with BD track but i suppose it is not possible).
I am wondering if this is possible in order to better sort the sounds.
Sorry if I was not making myself very clear. I hope someone can catch it.
Thank you

I’m pretty sure that the “association” is derived from the Machine you used to make the sound. So if it’s a BD made out of an impulse pinging the filter, or filtered noise, or the No Machine option, with a Sample, then it’ll work on every Pad/Track and you can’t change the “association”.

The easiest way to do what I think you’re trying to achieve is by using the Filter in the sound browser (use left arrow to open this menu).

Although there’s not a tag you can automatically select to sort all the existing sounds by pads, you could certainly make one easily enough.

You might find that filtering by tags gives you another way to sort sounds that achieves what you want though.


Most of the sounds are from sound packs. If a sound is linked to all the pads which is the machine used to create it? It looks like most of the sounds are not related to a specific machine so I was wondering if this characteristic was only something similar to a sort of tag

you can check which machine has been used in the Synth page on the MKI, SRC on MKII.

it’s not possible for a BD sound to be assigned to any track on the AR, most probably there’s something that allows that…maybe you’re only using a sample and not the synth engine? or as @Octagonist pointed out a previous post.

i would also suggest to have a look at the manual if you haven’t already, as you’ll find more in depth information in there :slightly_smiling_face:

I am in the sound browser, If I select a sound, the pads where the sound is enabled light up. If I press the other pads I cannot hear it. All clear.
Instead there are some sounds that when selected enable all the pads. If I press all the pads I can hear the sound. There is no sample associated with them, they are synth.
So it looks like there is no specific machine associated with them

it has to have a machine if there’s sound and no samples

double click SRC to see the options

it’s either a track specific machine(s) or noise/impulse/disabled(Samp only)

I am using an MK1. I might be wrong but there is no SRC button

Looking at a photo of the mki, I guess the equivalent is the [Synth] button. Below encoder [F].

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probably I didnt made myself clear in explaining.
At pag. 21 of RYTM manual there is picture that explains how the sound is generated. Multi-oscillator , dual-oscillator, single-oscillator synthesis

When I select from the sound browser a sound the area that are lighted up correspond to the grey areas except from a lot of sound in which the lighted area is the entire grid. If I select the sound double pressing the synth button I can see the relevant machine.
what i would like to know for these sounds is if I can change the application area. If I have a sound for example were all the grid is lighted up but the the sound it’s a close hi hat, I would like to have only the “multi-oscillator synthesis for hihat sound” lighted up in order to avoid to use a sound in a improper pad.

The “mutli-oscilator”/“dual oscillator”/etc configurations are part of the Tracks. Different tracks have different combinations & types of oscillators, and different patching schemes (as you see in the diagram you linked). The user doesn’t have direct access to the raw oscillators and patching. Instead, the AR has pre-configured oscillator+patching combinations called Machines. Some Machines work on all tracks (something about their configuration means that all the different sets of track hardware can use that Machine); some of the Machines only work on some Tracks (that oscillator+patching configuration only works with some/one of the Tracks).

If you find a sound that can be assigned to every Pad/Track, then that sound is made by one of the Machines which can be used on all the Tracks. The only Machines which work on all Tracks are the Noise Gen, Impulse and Disable. Therefore your bass drum, or hihat that works on any track is probably made using the Noise Generator or Impulse, plus some filter modulation.

I’m still sure (90%) that the tagging in the Sound Manager has no bearing on which tracks can play which sounds. As @min0nim said: if you want to make it easier to find only BDs, use the Sound Manager tools to tag the sounds, and the filter tools to filter the Sound Manager/Sound Browser lists. You still will see those unusual Noise/Filter-only sounds available to each pad.

I was already using the filtering method but i wondered if I could use a visual method more direct. I will continue to use the tag methods. Thank you for explanation
I confirm you most of the sound are impulse and noise gen.

Right! Then just to be really clear - if a sound lights up all the pads then the sound can be used on all the pads. There are a few Bass Drum sounds in the presets made using Impluse machine pinging the resonant filter for example. There is no ‘wrong’ pad in this case - you can assign it to anything that is lit up.

This goes for all machines and sounds. If it lights up pads, it can be used on any of those pads. This is an ‘automatic’ attribute - the Rytm does this for all sounds without user intervention.


There are 8 synthesis voices assigned to 8 tracks, 4 other tracks share 4 of those voices - the 4 shared pairs can have different machines on each track, but the underlying analog synthesis machine options for the track are pre-defined and literally hard wired

so there’s no possibility to reassign tracks to be anything but their underlying assignments (per figure above) or Noise or Impulse or Disabled

If a sound is tagged hi-hat - it could potentially be created by a number of machines, any in fact

tags generally relate to the audible sounds from a track, NOT the underlying machine

if a sound is machine type disabled with a hi-hat sample, or a noise machine and no sample then those sounds can only be viewed as applicable to all tracks, that’s the basis of the automated lights showing viable tracks

if you have a sample of a hi-hat and no interest in the synthesis, then assign that sound a hi-hat machine (mute the machine) and it will only be deployable on 9/10

but if an impulse machine is used to make a lovely tom, there is no way to restrict its deployment to the tom tracks - that is down to you to be organised

if you want to keep your voices generally grouped in the right place (i.e. e.g. hi-hats on 9/10 only) irrespective of the synthesis machine used, then there is no way to tag them to do so and no way to automate that - the machine used in a sound is the sole determining factor in whether a sound illuminates as applicable on a track - there’s no way to limit this except in machine choice, which as illustrated by e.g. impulse toms is not globally workable

You’d have to use tags and sound names as a manual ‘filtering’ method and be mindful to only place tom tagged/named sounds on tom tracks even though they could be applicable on other tracks

having a ‘new’ machine filter wouldn’t be much use as it would preclude sounds made with the ‘wrong’ machine

what you appear to want is the ability to tag a sound with a restricted range or target tracks, you can make a feature request, not sure it’s one I’d hold my breath on though fwiw