Asynkron - Polymorf (Idm/experimental Album)


We recently released the debut of Danish electronic musician Asynkron, on our freshly started net-label Transmission.Float.

We made a facebook page so we can keep people updated about our projects and ect. -

The album is free and can be downloaded through our bandcamp ! We let the music speak for itself, no need for a long essay about the sound.

Have a listen :=)


The inner sense-making faculty of mine desperately tries to categorize or label your sound but cannot reach conclusion. This challanges me a little but I like to be challanged! The sound does not feel like a quick fix or easy bite but rather something that requires unconditional listening, which can be a very enjoyable state of mind as soon as I stop resisting the road to it. For me, your sound is more art-like than music-like. I picture it played at an art exhibition or dance therapy class and not at a club.

Keep up the good work!