Ata [no int]

hello everyone,

I’m new here… and I have a problem with my Octatrack.
I would often get a “not enough memory” message and could access some samples… even worst sometimes I would lose all sound and had to reboot.

Last night I ran the self-test and I got an ATA [NO INT]
on the ATA line…

Does anyone know what that means?
What and how serious it is?
Is it just a bad Compact Flash card? (I have reformatted it, and done an “empty Reset” of the OS)

I had already ordered a new larger capacity card before I ran the test… and it will be here Monday.

anyone else seen this?
or know what I should do…


Dont know what is that, but i would open a SupportTicket with the headquarter.

I opened a ticket late last night.

I’m hoping I can figure it out… or get some help before they get back to me.

I really don’t look forward to having to ship it somewhere… my desk will look naked and I’ll miss it.