Attenuated Signal?

I’m currently in a discussion with Herman about my Filterbank 2. There seems to be a loss in volume when running my Moog M32 into it. Herman mentioned the following:

"It can be the Mother gives out high levels (10 volts top top) this can make the dry / wet balance differ 18 db.

Can you attenuate the source by 20 db ?"

This is cool, and I’ll try to test as he has asked but . . .
What does he mean and how do I do it? I googled it and it said “attenuate means to reduce”. Do I simply reduce the volume of the M32 by 20db?

Thanks for any pointers.


A bit unsure what‘s exactly going on with your signal flow and this dry/wet situation, but yeah, attenuating by 20 dB means making it quieter.

Okay, thanks.
I’ll get on that and send the results over to Herman.

I’ve got a loss of volume that’s a bit weird that I cannot quite fathom. Must say, his support is exemplary.