Audio cable advice

Could anyone please advise on whether or not these audio cables are suitable for connecting all available outputs on AR, A4 and OT?

Why buy separate audio cables at around £10 each?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have used those in the past and never had any problems…

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Thanks peterklank.:+1:

I’ve had mixed experience with similar Used a 3m one for send returns with my two strymon pedals without issue. Moved things around and needed a longer cable. Bought a 5m one and the noise made it unusable. I assume due to less shielding but I could well be wrong.

I went back to separate cables with velcro ties to keep it tidy.

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All the Jacks in the link above are Stereo.

OK to use on the A4 MKIIs individual track stereo outs, not sure if MKI has those same stereo outs.
AR seems to have individual mono outs.

Thanks Ian McKenzie,

For the cheap price of the cables I can give them a try.



I decided once to make sure all my cabling is connected right, and the advice I had was to try, and if it works, it works… a few of my fx pedals are also connected with balanced cables
I rig up all my electron devices with balanced cables. I don’t remember which have balanced or unbalanced outputs… all are stereo cables, and I have no problems.

But I have to add I mostly use short patch cables, or max 3m cables. as mentioned above, problems might occur with longer cables

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Thanks Leio,

I have read post you provided and I am a little confused as to which cables to use.
I understand the individual outputs are mono.
I have read the manuals and they all state they can use balanced or unbalanced cables.
Am I correct in thinking balanced = stereo trs
Unbalanced = mono ts ?

I would like to connect all individual outputs to the inputs of Rme UCX with behringer ada8200.

I’m no experts in cables myself, but i don’t think Stereo = Balanced, Mono = Unbalanced is correct.

I’ll let someone else clear this up if possible.

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Some Elektrons output balanced mono signals per jack socket. Some Elektrons have stereo outs on single jack sockets. Both of these accept TRS jack plugs.

However, the balanced mono signal will go to a balanced mono input on a mixer or sound card, using either a TRS jack plug or XLR connector (they will also work just fine with unbalanced TS cables and inputs). The stereo outs, on the other hand, will usually need to be split to two mono TS jack plugs with the appropriate type of Y-cable to function correctly.

Check the manual to be sure what is coming out of which socket.


Just watched this Principleasure video on YT…

I am at peace now regarding cable quality :joy:

Thanks finalform.

So for AR I will be fine using:

And on A4 I will need 4 Y-cable splinters for the single stereo output jacks?

Yes, assuming your mixer or interface accepts balanced line inputs for the AR.

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