Audio dilemma

I have Digitakt, PC w. Ableton, iPad and ZOOM U24 sound card and Alesis midi hub for iPad.
I got things basically working that I can control and record (audio/midi) from Digitakt into Ableton/iPad.

The problem is this: I have TWO audio sources (DT+iPad-2 stereo pairs=4 cables), and the Zoom U24 has only 2 mono audio ins. I got 2 Y cables L/R to stereo out from Digitakt/iPad going into 1 and 2 in U24.
Problem is that the L+R going into a mono input don’t play BD.
Took me a while to figure out why I didn’t hear BD from Digitakt! It plays all sounds, or normally if I use mono cable, but then I use mono only from DT and from iPad.
Does it make sense?
What can I do to solve this? A small audio mixer and run main (audio) out L+R into U24? That seems to defeat the purpose of U24 doesn’t it?

Thanks for reading

See if you can compose solely on the DT until approx. February when Overbridge should be dropping?

Sample the iPad onto the DT if you need to record the DT. Or just compose on the iPad. Combine them after Overbridge comes out.


Good point, forgot about the OB…
For now, I just use mono cable from each source.

If you’re just doing mono from each source why don’t you just run stereo out from the DT to the Zoom input and monitor the iPad through the DT?


Honestly, I didn’t know you could do that, or that it was possible to monitor audio without sampling.

You mean run audio L/R from DT to U24 1/2 (2 câbles) and 2 outs from Alesis into DT sample in?

Sounds great, will try tomorrow, thanks @Ryan


Yes! That should work- you just go in and keep monitor on for L+R.

It WILL be in mono, though

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In a sense, yes … because, if you think about the future, you might get more audio sources eventually and then a small mixer with USB-audio could be a good solution or an audio-interface, which connects to your iPad and the computer digitally and offers some analog sources too. Those are available from iConnect, IK-Multimedia, maybe Zoom also …

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I think a small USB mixer may be a most reasonable and efficient solution, considering that MIDI is OK with my setup, it’s the audio (mainly from iPad) that is a problem and mainly when I decided to integrate iPad into the setup.

I was considering IConnectivity Audio 4+, But I am afraid that the 4 ins don’t justify the price, since I already have a decent (for my use) sound card. Only advantage is the iPad input.

If I get a 6 channel USB mixer, I can run audio into mixer and since it’s USB, connection to PC/U24 should be OK?

And as you say, more audio inputs are good for future…
Thanks for your confirmation.

Just check your needs and try to think about the next years. It would be a pitty to be at a similar point next year :wink:

Many of the small mixers (4 to 8 channels) provide very good audio quality and an USB stereo in-/out- connection to a computer. If you want to integrate the iPad as pro-quality audio-source or FX, I would recommend to use the digital Lightening interface only. Those iConnectivity audio/midi interfaces have the advantage that we can have computer and iPad digitally connected (audio and midi), and audio/midi from/to external devices handled by one single device too and everything at the same time.

You can, of course, connect the audio-mixer audio-outs (e.g. the master stereo outs, or sends) to your Zoom U24 and transmit the data to the computer via USB. What would not work on a PC, is to have an USB audio-mixer AND the Zoom U24 used simultaneously, because up today PC/Windows does not support more then one audio-interface. We can switch between different interfaces, but only have one in use. This includes all potential internal and external audio-interfaces. A Mac is different there.

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Yes I ran into this problem with IConnectivity midi2. Had to return it.

I am looking at a USB mixing desk 6 channels, I didn’t even think that this conflict could happen, shitsky, well that puts a dent into USB :joy: device.

Will have to decide…

Just run your iPad through the digitakt
iPad out to digi in, go to the direct sampling page and choose ext L+R and then switch monitoring to on. Your iPad will play through your digitakt!

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Thanks, that’s what @Ryan said too…
Will give it a try, no time today :cry:

Hey guys, thanks for the tip, just tried, it works great and let’s me sample from iPad.

Nice weekend everyone :smiley:

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Hey! How about that? Two birds!

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