Audio disappears

A couple projects I’ve been working on for a while suddenly stopped playing audio. I can’t even preview new samples. The LED indicator over the record buttons do not show an internal signal.

I can get audio with a Through machine though.

The projects worked fine one moment, but then stop. Both times it seamed to happen about the time I plugged in midi to sync to Ableton. That may, or may not be part of the issue. Even if I unplug the midi cord and restart the device I still can’t play audio on any track (although, strangely, one of the problematic projects will play audio on track 1 even if the track is muted).

If I load other projects, samples play fine.

I’m not too concerned about the possibly corrupted projects, but do not want this to keep happening.

I’ve been using the Octatrack for about a month and have several other Elektron devices so am not a complete noob.

Just a follow up for clarification…

I can see the samples in AED mode. Can’t hear anything though no matter what samples I assign or try to preview with function-yes.

Load another project - everything works fine.

Have you tried:
-clearing the sample slot
-reloading sample slot
-clearing all track trigs
-clearing scenes
-checking all mute/solo states
-reloading the part?

Figured it out… sort of.

For some reason, shutting down Ableton automatically solos T1 on the OT. No idea how or why that happens, but at least it’s fixable.

Appreciate your time!

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