Audio editing outside the office

So I have often some audio editing to do. Basic stuff, like cutting, noise reduction, amplification - nothing too deep but still needs some fluidity. I sometime would like to grab my headphone and a… phone / tablet / phablet and do the edit while hangning out in my hamac or on the beach, without needing a laptop… Anyone is doing audio editing on a touch device tablet, is that a viable option? Are there good tools out there for that on Android? I’m iOS shy… but might consider pulling an iPhone from a used bin…

Your overall experience will be better with the larger screen of a tablet, it also opens up certain apps that are tablet only because of complexity and needed screen real estate. You need to get over your iOS shyness, it is only an operating system and a good one, well tested and refined.

I use iPAds for sound design, sampling, FX etc and many of the same tools I use on my computer and In my DAW’s are on my tablet. Just the entry level $329 IPad is a powerful tool if you aren’t needing to multitask with more than a couple CPU heavy apps at a time.

Trimming Audio, running through noise reducers, filtering, saturation, and anything else are possible. You can even check (and ignore) work emails as you sip margaritas and swing away in your hammock.


How about remote access to you home device using iPad or something ?

Would depend on connection speed but 5G is supposed to be mr amazing with magical unicorns …

Any lag on fine tuning things would be annoying but I’ve seen the advert where they land a plane so I guess it might work.

+1 for auditor on ipad, its good…

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I have an iPad but swear by my Android phones. The Android music ecosystem sucks. You’d be better off buying a base model iPad 9 and a good audio editor like Auditor for that kinda stuff. I use an iPad Air 4, but that may be overkill for you.