AUDIO EDITOR OctatrackMKii Question Help Needed

Am I missing something here? How the hell do I get to all the audio editor functions on MKii? The editor functions are not listed when I select all (sample) in the audio edit page. I really need to create some fade. Help please :slight_smile:

While in edit page:
Press [FUNC]+[BANK] or [YES] to open a window displaying the available edit commands.

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The button that says AED

Fade in out is under edit

highlight edit by pressing the LFO button

then press YES

all edit options will appear


Also scroll down with the arrow button for the rest of the options…

Yes I know where to go I have a mki for 3 years now nothing comes up on the new one

Are you trying to edit a static sample?
And by the way I’m not psychic so I don’t know about your 3 years with mk1, just trying to help…


lol sorry that was aggressive no on flex so confused maybe new commands? Will take a look at the new handbook

According to the pic you are indeed on a static slot…
Try editing a flex sample… There’s way less options for static…


Actually I’m on static lmao just looked

Thank u


Your welcome…
Sorry if I was reactionary, it was hard to tell if you were just letting me know or being snappy, haha…
That kind of info is very useful to be included in the topic or original post though, and will get you less basic and more specific replies straight away…
Anyway all is well, hope you have a good one…


Haha for sure thanks for the advice and the reminder to check my machines :slight_smile: