Audio files disappearing after recording w / OB

Having quite a weird issue here. Using Ableton 10, MBP running High Sierra.

Recording both DT and DN into Ableton using OB, each through their own OB plugin. Both are connected via a USB hub. I’m recording all tracks from both DT and DN onto individual Ableton tracks and I seem to have no problem recording them.

Then, when I go to bounce down my mix, the audio for those files just disappears and Ableton bounces a completely silent wav. I can still SEE the waveforms that were recorded, but if I close Ableton and restart it, it then says the samples are offline, even though I didn’t move or touch the files. I tried opening the individual wavs in Itunes and they are all silent. The audio seems to be being stored temporarily and then somehow just disappearing.

Anyone having a similar experience? Any advice on what to do?

Thanks all.