Audio Interface for Mackie 1202 VLZ4

Looking for a good audio interface to use with my trusty Mackie 1202. It should also have MIDI, and be able to host USB midi. 2-in 2-out minimum, and those inputs need to be pairable into a stereo channel.

It there anything around? What do you all use?

Currently using the iConnectAudio4+, but it stays warm when powered off, and the MIDI is not particularly reliable.

EDIT: Maybe it doesn’t need midi, as I have other boxes that can do that.

Very expensive, but I dream of getting one.


That looks fantastic. And yes, expensive!

EDIT: That built-in recording to USB looks really, really useful.

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I have happily paired up my 1202 with a MOTU Ultralite MK4, works a treat.

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RME. A real gamechanger when it comes to computer audio. I got the babyface this year and it’s just…Well, basically I wish I had done it 10 years ago. I am actually looking for a good price on a used UCX mk1. They are very affordable and ere USB.


The RME is more expensive than I wanted, but I’ve learned not to go too cheap for important gear. Usually it works out costing less in the end.

I’ve got the smaller 802 but I’m running it into my MC707 at the moment which works great for me. Couple of midi outs and can stream 8 channels over usb. Only one stereo (or two mono) inputs though, but with all the synth/looper/drum action going on at the same time on the 707 it works for me :slight_smile:

I have a very hybrid studio, and for years thought “why would I spend money on a soundcard when I can buy a synth (insert whatever gear here)”. Then when I would have latency problems, jitter and all that…I would wonder if it was even possible to have a tight computer/midi set-up. Then I got luck this last year and found a Babyface Pro for 500 bucks used. The build/sound quality after using a Focusrite 2by2 is just so far above your typical 200 dollar card. And I have Bitwig running 2.67ms latency with zero (not once has this happened since I got it) jitter.
There are other cards that are at RME standards. I think my friend has an Apogee card and he gets really good performance. I used the Motu 828 firewire back in the day and that thing was a proper tank with few problems. Don’t know how reliable Motu is these days, but some people love them. But, if you want to get a card that’s set and forget, from my experience RME.

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never look back again…

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The RME Fireface UCX II that @orbax linked is out of stock, but it looks like a good option.

I’ll keep an eye out for a second hand one.

Still open to other suggestions. I’m also thinking I could just use my Digitone when I need it. I realized I don’t use the computer that much compared to the DN and Octatrack.

But that’s a bit of a hack, and I prefer to have things just work without futzing, so I can switch on and go.

Cannot cosign the recs for RME enough and that UCX ii is a phenomenal offering. If you can squeeze it, do so, 1000 percent.

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I didn’t enjoy knowing my AUDIO INTERFACE had become the most expensive piece of musical equipment I owned (RME UFX II) but I don’t regret it for a second and I know I’m covered over the next decade if need be.

As you can see, RME doesn’t need any more accolade but years later it’s the best purchase I’ve made. Not just simply for the I/O options but simply because that part of the equation is handled / solved.

I upgraded from a Komplete Audio 6, which wasn’t a bad interface, but definitely was a limitation bottleneck in my setup.

I almost went with a MOTU Ultralite but I am SO glad that I didn’t. Only because the RME has offered me everything I was looking for and more.

I’ve decided to stick with the interface I have (iConnectAudio), and keep an eye out for a good used RME.

Or, pick one up new when they come back in stock at Thomann.

Thanks for helping me spend too much money. Again!